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geetha's bachelorette
tahoe (dec 2007)
lassen (oct 2007)
katie's bridal shower
big kahuna (sept 2007)
jmt resupply
mary's visity (july 2007)
zion (may/june 2007)
buttermilks (may 2007)
eastside (march 2007)
j-tree (march 2007)
j-tree (winter 2007)
yosemite (jan 2007)
winter holiday 2006
gville, floreeda (oct 2006)
carpinteria tri (sept 2006)
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snake dike (august 2006)
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yosemite (may 2006)
san diego (may 2006)
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ali donates her hair
mud run (october 2005)
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shasta goes to tahoe
kennedy club triathlon
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memorial ride 2004
birthday climbing
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shasta's road trip
climbing at potrero john
mammoth new year's 2004
meg's kitten ozzie
Jenny and Adele begin on lead Adele hangs out Adele and Ian climbing bums!
Katie being lowered Jenny giving beta Beta and belayfest! Check out those belayers
Jenny takes off on lead Ali and Ian looking tough Jenny still "taking off" on lead John, Eric, Adele, and Jeramy spot
Jenny finally nears the anchors still nearing them . ..finally there! Eric climbing like a rockstar!
wee! lets get lowered Katie setting up an anchor The cleavage shots: James climbing Jeramy's turn to climb!
Eric reaches for a bomber undercling James climbing, Adele belays James gets balanced Jenny wonders why her hand doesn't stick
James moves up the wall easy. ..easy james keeps on going Jenny's hand finally sticks